OB GYN Expert Witness

Dr. Sinkhorn is an experienced OB GYN expert witness. You may be wondering what this is?  An OB GYN expert witness provides their services in assessing gynecological medico legal matters for defensibility or possible care standard noncompliance.

OBGYN Expert Witness

OB/GYN Expert Witness

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Expert witness Dr. Sinkhorn is board certified gynecologist with more than thirty five years experience with clinical and academic medicine. He has served on a variety of medical committees, has chaired two major hospital credentials committees and worked for the California Medical Association’s Institute for Medical Quality for more than a decade.

Medical Legal Expert Witness

Expert Doctor provides services that include reviewing medical records, reports, education about the medical aspects of a case and when needed deposition, arbitration and trial testimony. If you are in need of a board certified OB GYN expert witness, Dr. Sinkhorn has the knowledge and experience necessary for any noncompliance or medico legal case. Contact Expert Witness Dr. Sinkhorn for more information.

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