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High Risk Obstetrics Expert Witness

No matter the issue, health complications are a topic that make us all anxious and uneasy. Dr. Sinkhorn is a board-certified medical expert in obstetrics and gynecology who also serves as an OB-GYN expert witness. If you need assistance in assessing an OB-GYN medico legal matter for either defensibility or noncompliance with the care standard, you should have your attorney contact our office and get the help you need today. Dr. Sinkhorn is experienced in civil matters, including medical malpractice suits;family law issues such as martial disputes, STD transmission, and paternity questions; criminal cases such as sexual assault; peer review disputes; medical staff administrative matters and medical device and patent questions. Dr. Sinkhorn has served on dozens of medical committees and is highly experienced in the OB-GYN field.

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High Risk Pregnancy Obstetrics

Every woman’s pregnancy and delivery experience unfolds differently based on
the health of the fetus and mother. Many women have various
complications where her pregnancy and delivery can pose a risk to her
and her unborn child. If a woman has certain medical conditions, problems
identified in the fetus, more than one fetus, or is of older age, then she is
more likely to have a high-risk pregnancy. Dr. Sinkhorn is well acquainted with not
only general obstetrics and gynecology, but also high risk obstetrics, cesarean
section, fetal heart rate monitoring, operative vaginal delivery, and proper approaches to
difficult births (including shoulder dystocia and fetal distress).

High Risk Obstetrics Witness

Dr. Sinkhorn is a board-certified OB-GYN with more than four decades of  expertise in clinical and academic medicine. He has served on dozens of medical committees, chaired two major hospital credentials committees, and previously worked for more than a decade with the California Medical Association’s Institute for Medical Quality with the Joint Commission and the California Department of Health Services to accredit California hospital  medical staffs. He is also well-qualified in credentialing, peer review, bylaws,  and hospital administrative issues. His experience as a high-risk obstetrics  expert gives him the credentials to educate you on what may have gone right or wrong during a pregnancy, delivery, or threatening  life experience. Whenever you are concerned that a care standard was breached during a pregnancy or labor and delivery, or a gynecologic procedure, then you may need Dr. Sinkhorn's expert assistance in assessing whether there are adequate and appropriate grounds for proceeding with or defending against a medicolegal action.

Stethoscope, Notepad & Computer | OB/GYN Expert Witness
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What we offer at Dr. Sinkhorn’s office: 

· Board-certified medical expert in obstetrics and gynecology

· Deposition and trial experience

· Academic credentials

· 70/30 Defendant/Plaintiff

· Experienced clinician in active OB/GYN practice and academic medicine


If you need assistance in determining either case defensibility or non-compliance with the care standard in an obstetric or gynecologic medicolegal matter, call our office today and let us help you fully analyze your case in an accessible, yet scientific, manner.  





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