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Gynecology Specialists

Are you looking for gynecology specialists? If so, Dr. Sinkhorn is a board certified medical expert  gynecologist that provides assistance in gynecologic medico legal matters for defensibility or noncompliance of the care standard cases. He has served on a wide variety of medical committees and worked with the California Medical Association’s Institute for Medical Quality for over a decade.

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Gynecology Health

If your case calls for gynecology specialists, Dr. Sinkhorn has over thirty five years of experience in clinical and academic medicine and could be a great asset to you. Hes has provided his services for a multitude of civil matters as well including marital disputes, STD transmission, paternity issues, criminal cases involving sexual assault, peer review disputes and much more.

Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialist
OB GYN Doctor

So no matter the situation, Dr. Sinkhorn can provide answers to medical questions, is fluent in medical staff credentialing and can provide services for legal cases including medical record reviews, education on medical aspects of a case, as well as deposition, arbitration and even trial testimony. Contact Dr. Sinkhorn at Expert Doctor today.

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Gynecology Doctor
 Doctor Of Gynecology
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